Safety & Ethics

When the ref signals the rare shark fin sign, it can bring cheers or jeers depending on your side of the ball. We've enforced the safety playbook and continuously run ample practice time to ensure that we're scoring on safety plays for the Pascots fan base. 

Official Playbook: Strict guidelines established by the regulatory bodies of the USA, NCAA, Collegiate Licensing Companies, and Individual Universities mandate that all of our infant/baby products meet or exceed relevant safety standards. All parties involved in the process are bound to the physical and safety testing standards broken down into the following:

Pascot Design

  • No Small Parts:
    • Plush Pascots have no small or removable parts that could present choking hazards
    • Both plush Pascots and pacifiers are choking hazard free when separated
  • Quality sewing standards ensure resistance to normal wear and tear
  • Quality materials are BPA, lead, and Phthalate free

Pascot Testing

  • The product design is thoroughly tested in development and assembly to ensure regulatory safety standards are met and exceeded, with all test results submitted to regulatory departments. 

Pascot Inspection

  • Quality inspections by registered independent testing facilities occur throughout the process of production and shipment.

Announcer: The official "helmet" stickers found on our packaging and products are earned by meeting strict safety guidelines required by the regulatory bodies of the United States, NCAA, Collegiate Licensing Companies, and Individual Universities. These requirements cover a process that spans physical standards and testing standards that all teams involved are required to meet in order to step on the field.


FLA (Fair Labor Association)

As members of the FLA, we commit ourselves to ensuring a safe, respectful, and fair working environment for all participants in our fully transparent supply chain.