Our Story

Our Story:

It started with a couple of college buddies wanting to share their school pride with their kids.

Mitch and Pete are graduates of Virginia Tech. They have always loved the sense of community that college life brings.  Even in Hawaii, they found a connection to other fans/graduates that shared their passion. That shared school spirit created a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

In 2016-17 they had their first children, 6 months apart. Like every good "Game Day Dad,” they wanted baby gear showing their school pride.

Mitch and Pete wanted something their kids could bond with and share in the school spirit.  But when they tried to find accessories and toys to match the clothing, there wasn't much to choose from.

That's when they created Pascots to provide unique, one-of-kind pacifier holders, plushes, and surrounding children's necessities. 

Their goal is to give your kids a sense of comfort and community with their very own fun-loving college mascot. Their mission is to provide parents a meaningful way to turn their school pride into family traditions.

Pascots-Bios/Meet The Team

Meet Mitch:

Mitch is the energetic "Mascot Ambassador” of the Pascots team. He is the creative force behind marketing materials and designs, community outreach, and social media.  His passion and enthusiasm pour into every Pascot product.

Fun Facts: 

  • A tried-and-true Virginian and graduate of Virginia Tech
  • A true adventurer who has traveled to ALL 7 CONTINENTS
  • Has polar plunged in both the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica 

Meet Mike:

Mike is Pascots' resident "professor/coach" and true genius.  He is the brain behind the logistics and production of our items.  He works tirelessly to ensure your kids' "new best friends" are safe and top quality.  Much like every proud parent, he looks after our Pascots so they are the best they can be.

Fun Facts:

  • Iowa native ; graduate of Iowa State University
  • Culturally fluent in business
  • Has visited 23 different countries

Meet Pete:

Pete is the Pascots mover and shaker getting things done.  Imagine the guy voted "most likely to succeed" and you'd see Pete! He handles all things related to research and sales, making sure your experience is a smooth and happy one.  Pete's dedication to your satisfaction makes him a Pascots MVP.

Fun Facts:

  • Maryland born and raised; graduate of Virginia Tech
  • Has lived on both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean sides of the U.S. (Maryland, Virginia, Hawaii, and South Carolina)
  • Had his first child within 6 months of Mitch's first born. Both were living in Hawaii, and both are Virginia Tech grads